5 May 2015

A very special ceremony remembering the Hazelhurst bombing

Local historical superstar Geoff Simmons has been working tirelessly on the Summerstown 182 project, remembering the 182 men whose names are on the St Mary's Church war memorial. The project has taken another important step forward and we're all invited to the celebration on the 6th of June. Geoff writes:

Saturday 6th June will be a very special occasion on the Hazelhurst Estate. Two brothers from Tooting will be unveiling a green heritage plaque in memory of the 34 victims of a V2 rocket which landed on that spot at 8.30am on Sunday 19th November 1944. A few days ago an elderly neighbour described the moment - he remembered a blue flash and a deafening WHUMP which shook his house.The two boys at 44 Hazelhurst Road, Arthur aged 14 and John 8 woke up and found themselves looking at the sky. The roof was blown off their house. They walked out unscathed but very sadly their Gran was killed and their Dad blinded. Fourteen of the dead were children and they lost quite a few of their pals.

We hope local people will attend the ceremony at 4pm opposite the entrance to Smallwood School. Afterwards here will be tea and reminiscences in St Mary's Church on Wimbledon Road. This was one of the most devastating bombing incidents in Wandsworth in the Second World War but has been largely forgotten. Please do spread the word to any elderly friends or neighbours who might not find out this is happening. It's very good news that the Council have decided to acknowledge it in this way and its important that everyone knows.

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