4 January 2016

Transformation in store for Mecca Bingo?

The former Mecca Bingo site on Garratt Lane next to the Henry Prince estate has been looking sad in recent times.

Just before Christmas an application was lodged to vary the planning conditions, allowing redevelopment of the site into an indoor trampolining centre. The application letter states that the potential client wishes to retain the ability to run the site as a bingo hall - perhaps trampoline bingo is the latest craze?

 The letter goes on to explain the premise:

"Our client seeks to introduce an indoor trampoline centre playground into the premises. Our client has been approached by ‘Flipout’ who are Australia’s first and largest trampoline arena and are expanding globally. Flipout already have 3 arenas open in the UK and 4 more centres about to open.

We can confirm that the proposed operation will comprise:
  • The warehouse will be filled with Olympic standard apparatus including wall climbing, trampolines, angled trampolines and foam pits.
  • The proposed opening hours are in keeping with the existing bingo hall (08.00 until 23.00) so there is no change to the opening hours of the premises. However we can confirm that the trampoline centre is likely to comprise shorter hours of 10.00am to 23.00.
  • The trampoline centre would have circa 90 customers during each allocated time slot. This is significantly lower than the existing bingo hall which could occupy over 1500 customers at any one time. 
  • Customers will only visit the premises for a pre-booked 60 or 90 minute slot. The number of people visiting the premises at any one time is significantly less than the approved bingo hall.
  • The existing bingo hall has a kitchen area. The proposed trampoline centre will utilise the existing facilities.
The additional use is not considered to give rise to any additional impact on the local area compared to the bingo hall. The trampoline centre is primarily aimed at children and is not expected to operate as late as the bingo hall. The alternative use is considered to be less intensive compared to the bingo hall. The use is an alternative leisure use and is considered an acceptable use in this location."

See the plans for yourself and make comments on the planning website.

Learn more about Flipout.

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