20 February 2014

£41 million housing development for Earlsfield

It was announced this week that the owners of a site near the River Wandle have chosen a preferred bidder for the development.

Galliford Try were selected by housebuilding business Linden Homes and the Thames Valley Housing Association to carry out their 'Westfield House' development. The 2.4 acre scheme is to be built across the river from the Henry Prince Estate. The site is currently occupied by a warehouse and office block.

Image from Westfield House website

According to the website, "[p]lanning consent exists to create 193 residential units, a class A3 café facing King George's Park, a new riverside walk and pedestrian/cycle links to King George's Park. In addition, the site allows for 152 car parking spaces (145 in basement, 7 at surface level), 230 cycle parking spaces within the basement, and associated landscaping." Access to the site will be through Knaresborough Drive off Strathville Road.

It's good to see a riverside walk and cycleways and cycle parking included. I see elsewhere on the site that the majority of 'units' will be one and two bedroom, with 20% (39 units) set aside as 'affordable' - 33 of the 39 are shared ownership and only 6 (or .03%) as affordable rental units.

Overview of the site layout
The developers have agreed to pay £433,000 in 'section 106' contributions - which means payment towards supporting the infrastructure needed to support the development.

No date has been announced for the start of development.

Read more about the proposed development.


  1. Actually, this development is already well under way. Demolition of the warehouse (the large roofed building in the centre of the photo) started last month and it is now just a pile of rubble.

  2. The main contractor is Galliford Try, not 'Fry'!!!