4 May 2015

Elections 2015: your candidates

Firstly, a reminder that polling day is Thursday 7th of May. Don't forget to vote! The elections are managed by Wandsworth council. You can find out your polling station, and other information, at the council's election webpage.

All eligible voters can vote in the General Election (that's the one for the Tooting MP, which includes Earlsfield). People living in Earlsfield ward itself can also vote in the council by-election for a new councillor.

Vote vote vote!

General election candidates, Tooting

There are five candidates standing in the Tooting constituency. The current MP is Sadiq Khan, Labour.

In alphabetical order, the candidates are:

Labour - Sadiq Khan
Liberal Democrat - Philip Ling
Conservative - Dan Watkins

Read more about Tooting and the candidates on Your Next MP (with some leaflets and CVs), the BBC constituency guide (with quiz!) and the UK Polling Report site (geeky election stats).

Council by-election candidates, Earlsfield ward

There are five candidates standing in the Earlsfield ward. This is to fill the seat left vacant following the death of Cllr Adrian Knowles, Conservative.

Liberal Democrat - Oliver Bailey
UKIP - Thomas Blackwell 
Conservative - Angela Graham
Green - Liam Morgan
Labour - Paul White

Whatever your politics (or lack thereof), it's important to make your voice heard.Make sure you vote this Thursday.

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