17 November 2015

Quiet Cycleways proposals in Earlsfield

Wandsworth Council will discuss proposed changes to cycling facilities in Earlsfield at their meetings at the end of this month. The Quietways are designed to support less confident cyclists. TfL has developed a number of proposals that will have impacts for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers in Earlsfield. 

More detail is available in the council paper, but I've pulled out some key points below:

TfL is developing a network of “Quietway” routes for cyclists. The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling in London (March 2013) describes Quietways as a cross - London network of high - quality guided routes on low - traffic back streets and other routes so that different kinds of cyclists can choose the routes which suit them. Quietways are intended to be direct, clearly signed, and delivered as whole routes without gaps in difficult places. Quietways are not intended as commuter cycling routes but are designed to encourage new and less - confident cyclists to make more journeys by bike by giving them confidence that their route will be clear, signed and on quieter streets where possible.

To meet the desire of Quietways catering for new and inexperienced cyclists a number of interventions have been designed to improve the Quietways Page 3 of 14 (Paper No. 15 - 458 ) attractiveness of the route for cycling and reduce danger to cyclists at key points, e.g. crossing major roads or making turning movements. Initial proposals for two pilot Quietway routes passing through Wandsworth (Waterloo to Croydon and Clapham Common to Wimbledon) were considered by the Committee and Executive in February 2015 (Paper No. 15 - 61). As agreed by the Executive, since then the proposals have been developed further by TfL’s delivery agent Sustrans and the designs have been informed by comments from ward members and council officers. The resulting schemes are described below.

It is proposed that officers work with Sustrans to work up proposals for these routes, funded by TfL in the same way as the pilot routes. When Quietways detailed designs are ready they would be brought to the committee for approval to consult some time in 2016.

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