8 September 2015

Family of local boy fundraising for life-saving treatment

The family of local boy Rashard are raising funds for his cancer treatment after the NHS did not find him eligible for treatment. Read their story:


Rashard was diagnosed with DIPG July 9th 2014. It is a very rare type of inoperable brain tumour located in the brain stem.

Rashard received a course of conventional radiotherapy last summer that played a role in reducing his tumour and enabling him to continue to enjoy a good standard of life.

Despite all odds, Rashard two times Surrey County Closed Winner still has a love for tennis and dreams of fulfilling his desire to become a professional tennis player. His passion for tennis is what keeps him alive.

Over this past year we have had a fantastic level of support from friends and family that has helped us to look at natural ways of keeping Rashard's health in great condition. Our goal is to continue to look at a range of natural remedies that will compliment the radiotherapy.

Unfortunately we were recently informed that the tumour has started to grow again and that the tumour will need to be re radiated. The fact that the consultants are considering radiating the tumour again is a great testimony to Rashard's strength, love and battle for life.  This is the last course of radiation that Rashard can receive and this is why we want him to receive the best quality of radiation available.

Rashard would benefit from Proton Beam Theapy, but unfortunately this is not yet available in England despite the fact that the machine should have been up and running some years ago.

We are currently trying to find a place who is able to offer Proton Therapy to Rashard, but this is proving challenging for two reasons, firstly resources and secondly because we have yet to find a proton therapy centre that has re radiated a DIPG in the location of Rashard's tumour.

Coverage in the Wandsworth Guardian.

Donate via the GoFundMe page.

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