7 September 2015

Earlsfield help for refugees in Calais

Go Earlsfield has been contacted by the Earlsfield Friary - the group behind the Paradise Cooperative and other local activity - about their plans to help refugees in Calais.

They will be heading to Calais next week to take donations, having been in touch with organisations there to find out what's needed. Apparently tarpaulins and winter sleeping bags are most in demand and the Friary has set up an Amazon wishlist through which people can purchase goods.

If you can help out, please follow this link to the wishlist and select the Mrs M P Fry delivery address. The link will close on Wednesday night to allow for delivery time.

Johnny says:

"Forgive me if you might be offended by this direct approach,  i am not acting politically but like many of you as a father or mother. I have a son who is not dissimilar in age to Aylan Kurdi who drowned on the shore last week. I cannot even begin to imagine living without my son let alone  to helplessly watch him die in a sea of panic and fear. I am outraged and broken by this story and many others.  I am also ashamed i have so many times ignored  them and sat back in my own comfort and safety. If you would like to help us help them, we can do something, however small, together."

For more information visit the Earlsfield Friary Facebook page.

The Independent has a list of five other ways you can help.

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