25 August 2015

There is such a thing as a free coffee

You might have noticed a string of, quite frankly, dodgy dad puns* coming through the Three Six Six twitter account in recent days. Turns out they wanted to let us know that from Monday, they'll be extending their repertoire from cocktails to coffee and cakes.

On Monday 31st August (that's bank holiday Monday) they're launching a new daytime offering of salads, sandwiches, coffee, cakes and *ahem* prosecco.

To entice you along, all visitors on Friday 4th September will receive a free coffee. If that wasn't enough, all coffee purchasers in the first month will receive a free muffin.

There is no excuse for caffeine deprivation on Garratt Lane - would anyone like to volunteer for a coffee round-up review for Go Earlsfield?

*Confession - I love a bad pun

1 comment:

  1. It's great that they're open more but their outside table and chair set-up mean its impossible for two people walking side by side to get by. It's quite imposing having to squeeze through the groups of people merely to get along the pavement. Sadly, this is becoming a common problem as I've had to walk on the road to get by at Ben's Canteen too because of the overspill of people. Do these companies actually own the pavements outside?