31 May 2015

Exclusive offer from Switch Fitness for Go Earlsfield readers

Go Earlsfield has been contacted by local fitness business Switch Fitness London.

Switch Fitness London is owned by Siobhan Middleton; a leading fitness professional in female fitness and nutrition. She has been working in the fitness business for over 8 years and realised there was a huge need in the market to help women achieve confidence and results without crash dieting and over exertive exercising.

An interview with Siobhan


Why did you open Switch Fitness London?

I was previously a personal trainer, and met a lot of women who wanted desperately to take up personal training but were unable to afford such an expensive service. In the end I was tired of seeing women that I could help struggle with their fitness, weight and confidence. So I changed my business to create a platform and community that supports, motivates and offers each member a membership that bridges that huge gap between personal training and just a gym membership.

That’s when Switch Fitness London was born… :)

Why do you only focus on women?

Women differ to men in their hormonal makeup; we react differently to exercise and nutrition; we need slightly different training programs and we need different nutritional programs. So focussing on women alone allows us to really target the female body and guarantee results without over exercising!

What makes it different?

We provide a variety of membership packages that have one thing in common; tailored fitness, nutrition included and 100% educational to be able to tailor it to your lifestyle, body and goals. Without the price tag that personal training comes with! ALL of our classes are part of our own Collection of training methods, designed specifically by myself to ensure quick results. You can also chose the class dependant on what impact level you want! Start at a level that suits your body and work up!

20% off early bird discount to our Kickstart Bikini Body Program in 30Days

This is our top fitness and nutritional program that guarantees results beyond your expectation without crash dieting and only 1.5 hours or exercise a week! The code ends 1 week before the course begins!

3 courses to chose from!

Date: 14th June
Date: 5th July
Date: 2nd Aug

To book: www.switchlondon.co.uk/ksbb

Go Earlsfield readers get an extra class! >>>

If you send an email to bookings@switchlondon.co.uk and quote ‘goearlsfield’ we will pop an extra 30-minute taster class on your account!



669 Garratt Lane, SW17 0PB




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