8 October 2014

Take Oktoberfest by the horns

Local brewers By The Horns have announced their plans for this year's Oktoberfest celebrations on Saturday 11 October.

They say:

You may have noticed the way devoted beer lovers' ears prick up whenever they hear 'October' and 'beer' in the same sentence. This is because, inevitably, it will involve the unbeatable combination of great brews and bratwurst.

As we're pretty keen on both these things, we'll be celebrating Oktoberfest at our Brewery Tap on Saturday 11th October. From 12pm - 11pm you can expect nothing but the most delicious sausages and the best ales, including the relaunch of our new, improved Bobby on the Wheat beer with a touch of German style. Special offer on the day: 5 pints & a Bratwurst for £16. Plus we'll also be having our legendary "Sauerkraut Pint" Eating Competition.
Frankly, I find the thought of a pint of sauerkraut somewhat terrifying, but if you're made of sterner stuff head down to Summerstown this weekend.

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