10 October 2014

Sign up to support a Wandsworth parkrun

Many people will be familiar with parkrun, the volunteer-led, independently-run 5km races found all over the country.

Efforts to found a Wandsworth parkrun have run up against a council policy that requires an annual fee for running events in the park. As parkrun is a free, not-for-profit event, the fee would be a barrier to them taking place, and organisers are concerned that it could be seen as a precedent by other councils.

Parkrun 18 (6903674871)They say:

In an era of the obesity epidemic, and of advice from the Government, the NHS and the BMA to exercise regularly, WBC is denying not only its electorate the opportunity to participate in free, organised activity in their own open spaces, but also the children of the borough. Again: in their own parks. WBC do this not because of the cost – wear and tear is minimal – but because they cannot raise revenue from the activity. Unlike charities, parkrun does not even fundraise. The impasse between WBC and parkrun has persisted for 5 ½ years.

If you would like to demonstrate your support, please sign the online petition.

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