23 May 2014

Earlsfield elects first Labour councillor since 1986

Election results are in and Earlsfield has taken on a red tint for the first time in decades as we chose one Labour and two Conservative councillors. To put that in context, here's a taste of 1986:

How far we've come.

A big welcome to our new Earlsfield councillors:
All are new councillors to Earlsfield (Cllr Knowles previously represented Roehampton and Putney Heath) so we wait with interest to see how the new team works out.

Full results.

Wandsworth Common ward, which also covers part of Earlsfield, remained Conservative. Re-elected were:
Full results.

Overall in Wandsworth, 41 Conservative councillors were elected along with 19 Labour councillors. Labour gained six seats compared to 2010.  

I hope to have blogs from our new councillors soon.

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