19 May 2014

Earlsfield decides

The leaflets have been coming through the letterbox, doorknockers have been out in force, and Twitter is buzzing with candidates' arguments - it must be election time again.

This Thursday is both local and European elections, meaning everyone gets to vote for both a council candidate and a European Parliament candidate. Local council seats are elected on a ward basis where you choose your preferred candidate for your neighbourhood. For European elections, eight MEPs will represent all of London. Find out more at the London European Elections website.

If you live in Earlsfield you probably live in either Earlsfield or Wandsworth Common wards. If you don't know which ward you're in you can check online.

In both wards, there are candidates standing for Labour, Conservatives, Greens, Liberal Democrats and UKIP. You can download lists of the candidates from the council website.

Find out more at Wandsworth Conservatives, Wandsworth Labour, Wandsworth Lib Dems, Wandsworth Greens and UKIP Wandsworth. On Twitter: follow @EarlsfieldLab, @EarlsfieldBlue, @wandsworthLD, @greenwandsworth and @UKIP_Battersea for the latest (though the Lib Dems don't seem to use their account).

Mumsnet Wandsworth also hosted a recent Q&A on local issues. You can check out the discussion on their website to see what candidates had to say.

Make sure you cast your vote by 10pm on Thursday 22nd May to have your say on how Earlsfield and London are represented.

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