16 March 2017

Free beer at Ben's Canteen with new CAKE app

The CAKE app will be sponsoring free beer at Ben’s Canteen for customers to help them get in the boozy green spirit after work.

Every customer at the Earlsfield location will receive a free St. Paddy’s beer when they open a CAKE tab at the restaurant 5pm on. The app will also be sharing a virtual ‘pot of gold’ by giving new CAKE users 10% credit back on their bill (the credit appears as gold coins in the app).  

When you are ready to go CAKE removes the hassle of tracking down the bill and everyone paying. Using your phone you simply select what you ate, hit pay, and walk out. Then check your balance to see how much credit you’ve earned.

To book a table a Ben's Canteen Earlsfield for St. Paddy’s day to secure your free green beer and gold credit, download the app here and book a  table via the app. Or you can email in your request to the CAKE team at bookings@thecakeapp.com.