17 January 2017

Looking for a new class for your baby or toddler?

Then take a look at Talking Tots…  not your average class, Talking Tots provides fun, interactive classes for all babies and toddlers that gently boost early communication and language skills, as well as social confidence.

Help give your child a head start and prevent common speech and language problems from arising in the first place. With the number of pre-school children with speech and language problems having increased substantially in the last decade, there is a lot that parents and early years workers can do to help develop children’s communication skills. The good news is that helping to boost your child’s communication and social confidence isn’t rocket science and Talking Tots founders Lisa Houghton and Tracey Park, both experienced paediatric speech and language therapists, advise parents to spend lots more time talking to children, using games, songs and rhymes to help build children’s vocabularies and develop their awareness of words and sounds.

These principles are used as the basis for Talking Tots classes which help to develop some of life's most important skills, including concentration and attention, self-esteem and social confidence, pre-literacy skills, communication skills, and sharing and taking turns.

 The unique Baby Talk programme (for babies aged 4 to 12 months) provides a series of fun, interactive and informative workshops that offer a fantastic opportunity to learn about early child communication skills and what you can do to support this important life skill. Topics covered include an introduction to early communication skills; listening and attention; eye contact; turn taking; copying; and exploring sounds.

For toddlers aged 12 months and above, the Sprites and Sprinters classes have lots of fun and action packed structured games, with exciting props, singing and rhymes. Activities are carefully designed to encourage children’s natural desire to communicate, by building vocabulary and helping them to understand and talk about the world around them.

For more information, please visit our website (www.talkingtots.info/swlondon) and our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/talkingtotsswlondon). Email us at swlondon@talkingtots.info to secure your place or for further information.