15 September 2016

Sign petition to stop rat-running traffic

A petition has been set up to stop rat-running traffic down Franche Court, Aldren and Burmester Roads which is trying to avoid the traffic lights at the junction of Garrett Lane and Burntwood Lane.

Campaigners have been in touch to say:

"We are asking for support to stop this for the following 3 reasons:

1. Safety: there is excessive traffic of all types with a high proportion of commercial vehicles and lorries. Speed restrictions are not adhered to and the road is not safe for the increasing numbers of young children living on the roads.

2. Noise - due the significant volume of traffic and the increasing use by heavy lorry (particularly local skip companies) traffic. Vehicles also use their horns and shout at each other when there is congestion on the road.

3. Parking - residents struggle to park cars as cars and lorries are quite frequently driven so fast that this does not allow time to park cars safely.

We are close to gaining enough signatures - the deadline is the 22nd September."


  1. If lorries are the issue then width restrictions should stop that happening. I'm not sure blocking roads off is a good idea though.

    1. I agree we need open roads not blocked ones

  2. It's not just lorries, there is a high volume of cars, motorbikes and commercial vans that wouldn't be stopped by a width restriction.

    The only ways to properly solve the problem are 1) to block off the road at only one point on Franche Court Road to stop through traffic or 2) by making the 3 roads 'for access only' like Keble Street.

    These seem like small prices to pay to avoid a potentially serious accident and bring some peace back to these quiet streets.

  3. Bunch of idiot do gooders have got their way, probably newbies to the area, thanks a bunch, hope you don't need an emergency vehicle any time soon