7 June 2016

Parents petition for safety gate on Garratt Green

A petition has been launched to get a gate installed on Garratt Green

Petitioner Libby D'Arcy says:

"Garratt Green is a lovely park used by families, sporting teams, schools and the general surrounding community.  It is surrounded by busy through roads, a school and a children's playground.  It is in the park that you see young children learning to ride their bike, kicking a ball with family and friends and general examples of family life.  Recently we have seen two children on separate occasions chase their ball out of the park and onto Burntwood Lane - they are just being children.  On one occasion it was a very near miss and the car was only yards away from knocking a young child down.  We need a gate to stop this happening.  The children's playground within the park backs onto a busy road and is gated, although the gate is easily opened by a toddler.  Children often open the gate to let themselves in and out of the area - meters away from yet another busy through road.  Please help us get a gate for the park to prevent a fatality."

Thanks to Dan Watkins for the nudge. 

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