29 April 2016

Celebrating local efforts to support refugees

Vicar Johnny Sertin from the Just Shelter group writes:

"On Saturday 14th May we are hosting a party to say a very big thank you to all of you who have supported the endeavours of just shelter either advocating, fundraising, or your skills and visits to Calais. From the start this has been a collaboration of good hearted folk trying to make a difference and we want to recognise and celebrate this together.

We realise communication has been limited since the new year. This is mainly due to the ever shifting situation. However we have now made some key deliberations on the way ahead. So between now and then we will be sharing more on the next trip to Calais to fulfill our commitment there, our future trips to Dunkirk, and the work we are doing writing a Local Community Welcome Plan for Wandsworth council to approve as part of the resettlement of a refugee family since the government pledged to bring 20,000 refugees into the UK. We will also be planning later in the Autumn, another fundraising event.

The party will be at Glebe House, 8pm. Food and beverages are provided. Please do rsvp to give us an idea of numbers. We also know in a most creative and organic way that this is a network of relationships and as such please do extend this invite to any who have worked with you for this association. All we ask is you ensure the invitee also rsvp so we keep abreast of who is coming. The invitation includes other halves as well."

Read more about the group's work in Calais on Buzzfeed.

RSVP or contact the group at justshelter@outlook.com

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