8 March 2016

Big Yellow Storage plans huge Garratt Lane extension

Big Yellow Self Storage has lodged plans with the council to demolish the existing office block on the edge of their site. Now, the current isn't an attractive building but the proposals for replacement are very disappointing.

Final proposal for new Big Yellow building
The application says:

The design proposal closely follows the footprint of the existing building along
Garratt Lane, retaining the prominent angular treatment to the south corner. The
east elevation is the most visible of the proposed elevations. Due to the operational
and security requirements of Big Yellow Self Storage we have introduced a
horizontal band of brickwork at ground level extending to the new reception
area. Full height glazing is proposed to the first and second floors. This provides
transparency to the facade improving the buildings connections between it’s
occupants and the external realm. The full height glazing is to be framed with grey
metal cladding creating a strong horizontal feature element across the facade. The
metal clad framing follows the architectural language of the retail units of the area
and helps to create a sense of rhythm across the facade. The horizontal elements
of the elevations are broken up by vertical elements of yellow composite cladding
which create further interest to the facade and help reduce the overall massing of
the building.
Persuaded yet? Have a look at the proposed view to the south.

Don't worry though, because there will landscaping to distract the eye:

The existing landscaping to the perimeter of the car park/yard area is to be tidied
and reinforced with further ground cover planting. This will provide an attractive
environment to the adjacent riverside walk and will encourage biodiversity.
New hard landscaping is proposed to the front of the new extension to tie in with
the existing footpath along Garratt Lane.
The existing block paving laid in a herringbone pattern to the Big Yellow Self
Storage yard is to be retained. New pedestrian routes and car parking layout to be
demarcated with yellow demarcation painting.
Surely we can do much better for Garratt Lane? A well designed, multi use building would lift the streetscape and retail offerings at this end of Garrat Lane. Sadly, this proposal isn't it. 

Comments are open until Thursday 10th March.


  1. It's sad to think about how a building expansion might create such negativity in the community. Perhaps more forums and discussions should be held with the key people in the neighbourhood before the storage business goes ahead with construction!

  2. Why do these things always go ahead regardless