5 February 2016

Earlsfield residents object to Quietways proposals

A group of Earlsfield residents have shared their response to the proposed Quietways changes covered here on the blog in November. They write:

"The proposed changes to the junction of Garratt Lane / Waynflete Street / Trewint Street (where Mel's / Bean & Hop / Ben's Canteen are)  are part of Quietway for cyclists to get safely to the River Wandle towpath by diverting the junction by Earlsfield Station.

The plan is to make this a signalised junction for all 4 approaches, move the current pedestrian crossing outside Dumlers and the bus stop, make Waynflete Street a no right turn and remove a number of parking bays. 

As local residents we are strongly against these changes as traffic will be backed up on all approaches, causing havoc on Garratt Lane - already backed up at peak times. 

Local businesses around the junction will be affected due to loss of parking, no right turn into Waynflete and stationary traffic at the junction, deterring valuable trade especially at weekends. 

Additional pollution, noise and congestion will be unsafe for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists alike and certainly not a “quietway”.

There is a drop in session with the Council and TfL at Earlsfield Library on Saturday 13th February 11am - 1pm."

The group have set up a petition against the changes which you can find here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/earlsfield-against-quietway-q4.

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