24 January 2016

Brocklebank medical centre to be replaced, 160 new homes planned

Wandsworth council has announced further plans in the regeneration of Garratt Lane:

"An agreement has been reached with the NHS for the council to replace the ageing Brocklebank medical centre with a fully updated, bigger, GP-led community healthcare facility.

Under the terms of the agreement the town hall will arrange for the new medical centre and a pharmacy to be built as part of a wider scheme providing new shops and housing on land at the corner of Swaffield Road and Garratt Lane, which is currently occupied by the existing 1960’s Brocklebank building, some existing shops and a car park.

This next phase will add another 160 homes on council-owned ‘brownfield’ sites fronting Atheldene Road, Wilna Road and Waverton Road.

This land is currently occupied by a number of unattractive 1950s and 60s council-owned buildings  and their replacement with smart, high quality homes will not only help revitalise the area, but also improve the visual amenity of these streets by restoring parts of the historic street pattern.

The council expects to appoint a preferred developer this summer and for a planning application to be submitted in early 2017 with work starting on site later in the year."

I've only been in to the Brocklebank surgery a handful of times but it seems overdue for a refresh. Go Earlsfield will keep a close eye on planning applications as they come to light.


  1. Where are the patients to go during the development works? Already difficult to get appointments, so probably impossible if we are transferred to another surgery.

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