7 October 2015

Discover local artists at the Wandsworth Artists' Open House

You might have missed it next weekend but don't worry - local artists are opening their studios again this coming weekend.

"Wandsworth Artists' Open House is a convenient and affordable exhibition opportunity for all creative makers in Wandsworth to show and sell work from their home or studio.

It's also a chance for everyday art lovers to take a rare glimpse behind the doors on their streets and see the hidden creative talent in their neighbourhood. A wide range of arts and crafts is there on your doorstep to be enjoyed in welcoming and unintimidating environments – meet the artist, find out more about how the work was made, and buy from them personally.

Artists gain in experience - testing new work and developing their practise. They also benefit from getting connected with local networks of other creative makers – being part of something bigger and making new friends."

 As ever, Earlsfield seems to be something of a blank spot on the map but there are a number of studios open on our borders.

Find out more and see the full list of open studios. Visited last weekend and have a recommendation? Leave it in the comments.

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