23 September 2015

20mph speed limit proposed on three Earlsfield roads

Residents of Franche Court Road, Aldren Road and Burmester Road within the Earlsfield ward area, shown above, petitioned the council with the support of ward councillors, for a 20mph speed limit.

The council says: "20mph gateway signage is required on all access points into the speed limit area to inform drivers that they are entering or leaving an area with a 20mph speed restriction. Regular 20mph speed limit repeater signs and road markings would be employed on the publicly-maintained roads throughout the area.

If you have any queries, or if you do not have internet access and you wish to respond to this consultation, please telephone Isaac Kwakye on (020) 8871 6538."

Closing date of the consultation is 4 October 2015. Respond to the council's consultation online at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/FrancheCourtBurmesterAldren.

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