22 July 2015

Go Earlsfield meets the all new Three Six Six - and its cocktails

Sadly your correspondent was out of town on the night of the Bar 366 relaunch as Three Six Six. GE had to call on its roving reporter to take on the challenge of sampling her way through the new menu. 

 Victoria writes:
I was excited to be invited to be Go Earlsfield’s roving reporter for the night and my excitement doubled when I learnt it was to be a night of cocktail sampling!
Three Six Six (formerly known as Bar 366) are re-launching themselves and with it comes and new menu of cocktails with organic, local and international ingredients to quench our thirsts, enjoy with friends or perhaps tackle a first date. Whatever your reason they are ready and willing to assist. 

Their new butterfly logo, visible on the pavement as my date and I walked up St John’s Hill, is so chosen due to the five senses which their cocktails evoke and the five core tastes (Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter and Umami) they cover; as well as representing a butterfly’s ‘liquid only’ diet...

After an aperitif of delightful Icelandic vodka, mine with an olive and my date’s with lemon – in a butterfly shape naturally – and a quick chat with the bar’s management we were ready to undertake a full sensory experience:

Our journey began with blindfolds as we were led (carefully!) towards the smell of the sea air, sampling the first cocktail SALT Balsamic Sea (Highland Harvest Scotch, Nori, Raspberry and Rose cordial & Balsamic pearls) out of an oyster shell. 
 Next onto UMAMI and the flavours of Spain with their Iberico & Truffle Old Fashioned (Iberico Ham & Truffle fat washed Woodford reserve, Muscovado Madagascar Vanilla & Coffee beans syrup & Cardamom bitters), in its square glass over square ice it was perfectly complimented by slices of Iberico and stuffed olives (the blue cheese being a personal favourite and saw me scurrying back for one more!) and we were all having our own Mad Men moment. 
Third on our adventure was BITTER with their Tobacco Negroni (The Botanist Gin, Choya Yuzu liquor, Campari, grapefruit & lemon peel). A negroni is a cocktail I have never actually tried before but will certainly be having again, and being served in a tobacco tin the smokiness really complimented the sharper flavours.
The contrast of the next offering for SWEET is the 50’s Shaker (Aylesbury Duck vodka, Blueberry liquor, beetroot shrub, ancho syrup, lime juice, #1 bitters, beetroot sugar dust) and hits the spot for the sweet toothed among the group. 
Before the sugar high got the better of us we were ushered into a small den to try the fifth and final SOUR with the deliberately *snicker* inducing Golden Shower (The mysterious fizzing creation from the mid-week cocktail list, to be enjoyed by couples - don't forget your umbrella!). I can only describe it as a tangy lemon sherbet sensation!

This sampler was a really fun way to ensure all senses had been well and truly covered and we were both bowled over away by the attention to detail and genuine love for the ingredients shown by the bar team. The cocktails are a real treat and their aim to get the conversation started certainly worked as we headed back out into the evening all smiles and gossip flowing.

Head down to either their St John’s Hill or Earlsfield venues to try one, or three, for yourselves.

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