22 June 2015

Fantastic fish and how to prep them

You might not know it, but Earlsfielders have a way to buy fresh fish from new(ish) scheme 'Faircatch'. Not satisfied with just selling fish, they're now setting out to teach people how to properly prepare it. They're launching with a class on the evening of 25th June. In their words:

About Faircatch

Faircatch is a new way for our community in south-west London to buy the freshest, highest quality fish, while paying local fishermen a fair price and helping to protect our coastal cultural heritage and the marine environment.

Faircatch is a “Community Supported Fishery” (CSF), an alternative model for local distribution of super fresh fish. The name derives from Community Supported Agriculture, familiar to many as a veg box scheme. Members can choose how much they’d like, pay upfront for a 4 or 8 week period and pick up their fish weekly or fortnightly from a local collection hub.

New classes

Part of Faircatch’s mission is to try and help our members become more comfortable with basic seafood preparation, so we are running a series of fish prep workshops at various venues throughout the summer. Like us, several members have been teaching themselves with online videos, but we hope with the guidance of our pro Steve (who runs the excellent, local Fish Club restaurants), we can all get even better.

Steve will demonstrate cleaning, gutting, filleting and skinning a variety of species and then everyone will practice on a flat fish (like a plaice) and a round fish (like a mackerel). It will be a relaxed and convivial atmosphere with a few glasses of wine, we will make a simple fish dish to taste and everyone can take their fillets home for supper.

Tickets cost £45 for members (current and past) and £55 for non-members. Everything will be provided, so just book your place online using the links and arrive on the 25th June between 6.30 and 7pm at Barmouth Kitchen, SW18 2DN. Bookings are not refundable but you are welcome to send a friend in your place if you can’t make it.

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