25 April 2015

Wall Street Journal names Earlsfield as top real estate location

The Wall Street Journal says that Earlsfield is one of the top three locations for young professionals looking to buy in London.

"While most popular hipster locations are gritty, urban neighborhoods with a vibrant night life, Earlsfield is a notable exception. Seven miles southwest of the city center, the neighborhood has more cafes than nightclubs. But its selling points include its green space, good schools and affordable family homes.
That ripple [outwards from Wimbledon etc] has changed the feel of the once working-class area—its thrift stores now replaced by delis and bars—and buyers now pay around $1.3 million for a three- to four-bedroom townhouse. One recently redone 1,417-square-foot period home in the area with a small studio in the back garden is asking about $1.8 million."
I'm a bit surprised at this article, to be honest. I'm surprised that Earlsfield is still an affordable location for young people - most I know have had to move away from Earlsfield to buy these days. At least we're officially not hipster!

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