12 March 2015

New dinner menu at Ben's Canteen

They're becoming a staple of the Earlsfield high street, but Ben's Canteen are mixing it up with a new dinner menu. They very kindly invited a group of local bloggers to come and sample what's on offer.

After a long day at work the proffered gin menu was a welcome sight and the evening got off to a very good start with the Mediterranean-style Gin Mare. Sadly (though wisely) we didn't work our way through to the end and made our way to the table to start the tastings.

I followed with a lighter starter of aubergine, lentil, endive and pomegranates. Well-seasoned and tasty, this was one of the stars of the evening for me.

We were recommended the steak and as I'm not one to turn down the opportunity. I happily tucked in, but I think in the case, Roxie Steak still has the number spot for me. Deep-fried gherkins were an intriguing accompaniment but my rapidly filling stomach ruled out trying the cauliflower cheese.

I was strong and resisted the peanut butter brownie in favour of the roasted pineapple and rum cream. I admit to dessert envy when I looked round the table, especially for the florentines-for-two, but comforted myself with the thought that I was at least contributing to my five a day.

It was a really chilled evening with great company. Thanks to Laura, Ben and the team for the invitation and to my fellow bloggers for sharing the southwest London love.

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