13 February 2015

News on former Olive Garden site

One of the top areas of interest on Garratt Lane, news has come through of the former Hannah's Place and Olive Garden site.

Charlie on Twitter informs us that it will become yet another estate agent - Hamptons. A disappointing end to a long wait.

Which seems an excellent time to remind you there are still a couple of weeks in the Earlsfield Love Your Local competition to nominate your favourite shop, pub, or restaurant.


  1. Any uses are better than an empty shop. I really do not understand why so many people are against corporate uses like this and Tesco etc. There appears to be a real snobbery factor. There are only so many "independent" stores an area can have, people need to start being less aspirational and more realistic.

  2. I agree but it would be lovely to see more diversity in Earlsfield. That's another estate agents opening and there's another hairdressers just opened too. I'd love to have seen a Tesco (or rather, an Aldi or a Lidl) or a greengrocer or butchers. Sainsbury's must love the monopoly they have on selling day-to-day food.

  3. I am sure people are not opposed to corporate uses for empty spaces and I agree they should be filled! But please... how many estate agents can Earlsfield accommodate.
    Personally I would like to have seen another "high street" restaurant. again only so many independent, small, pretentious restaurants you can handle!

  4. Another estate agent is a huge disappointment. The estate agents are in danger of shooting themselves in the foot. We're trying to make Earlsfield high street vibrant and interesting, with shops and restaurants to attract people to the area. By lining it with estate agents and taking up prime space, they're hampering the development of the very area they're trying to sell.