27 January 2015

Parkrun is coming to Tooting Common

The hard work of campaigners has paid off and Wandsworth Council has agreed to a 12-month trial parkrun on Tooting Common.

Organisers last night shared an update on recent discussions with the council:

Wanted to let you know as soon as poss; we met this afternoon with a high level group from Wandsworth and a deal is done - it is for a 12-month trial and we are now working on a course on Tooting Common: parkrun is coming to Wandsworth! Yay!! 
It was very clear at the meeting that numbers counted and Wandsworth were struck by not just how many signed – local and further afield – but also the thoughtfulness, and often heartfelt nature, of comments many people left. It was hugely important. 
This is a very good win for the people of Wandsworth, it’s a borough with a host of fantastic spaces and with a little time, parkrun should proliferate across the borough. 
Sorry this is brief, I really have just so many people to thank ... :)
Thank you, thank you for signing the petition! Together we achieved a very good thing here: be happy, be proud – and go for a parkrun!

 Details on the course and how to join will follow. A win for community action!


  1. Is this still going ahead with first run on 30th January?

    1. If you send me an email to goearlsfield@gmail.com I can share what I know - sorry to be a bit secret squirrel!