11 January 2015

Famous for all the wrong reasons

Let's face it, it was only a matter of time before someone made a non-story out the fact that there's an Isis Street in London. When businesses are changing their names to avoid associations with the extremist group, we can't be too surprised that the Daily Mail has managed to cobble together something like a story all about it.
"The list of things unfortunate enough to share a name with the terrorist group known as ISIS include an Egyptian goddess, a dog on Downton Abbey - and a street in London.

However, despite its unfortunate name, Isis Street in Earlsfield, South West London is lined with million-pound properties."
Yes that's right folks, somehow we've not been swayed by sharing a name and have managed to remember that it's a quite a nice street actually - and certainly not immune to the same price rises we've seen elsewhere in the neighbourhood.

Read the rest of the story. Thanks to Steven Carr on Twitter for the link.

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