21 December 2014

Tesco: approved

The new Tesco proposed for Garratt Lane has been approved despite vocal opposition. Unfortunately, Tesco are within their rights to take over the site as it was already zoned for this use. As I understand it the council could only take a decision on whether the proposed shop frontage is acceptable.

If it's any consolation, all the comments to the council ensured the decision was escalated to the planning committee, rather than taken by officers.

Ultimately, its success depends on people shopping there. If you were one of the many who objected, the surest way to keep that momentum going is to keep supporting our local stores - and continue to try to persuade a butcher or fishmonger to move in!

No word as yet on when it will open, but this is how the new store will look:

View the original drawing online (PDF). Thanks to Jamie Finn on twitter for the tip.

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