14 November 2014

Earlsfield's Holly is a royal runner-up

I posted earlier about Holly Wren, an Earlsfield girl who was nominated for an award for her work with the Prince's Trust.

The Prince's Trust has been in touch to say that Holly was runner-up at the awards - a huge achievement.

Congratulations Holly!
 Read more about Holly's story below.

Holly Wren
Systematically bullied and fighting an aggressive strain of a painful and incurable condition called endometriosis, Holly, 30, from Earlsfield, thought about taking her own life. She wanted to succeed, but had to have regular surgery to remove growths and often needed extra treatment and pain management. Holly became depressed and exhausted and work became unbearable.

She says, “I had some really dark times – where I started to question my worth and value”. Holly left her job and felt totally lost. Unemployed and in pain, Holly’s whole life was turned upside down.

She says, “I had to go back to the drawing board. I loved photography and wanted to see if I could do it as a business, so I contacted The Prince’s Trust.”

Holly went on the Enterprise programme, a Prince’s Trust course that helps unemployed young people start up in business. She established her own photography company and is busy with numerous commissions, including many from The Trust’s marketing department.

Holly also became one of The Trust’s busiest Young Ambassadors, speaking at many fundraising events and participating in other awareness-building activities. She says, “The Prince’s Trust gave me back my faith in people, I wanted to help them carry on doing their work and reach more young people, which is why I became a Young Ambassador.”

Altruistic and inspiring, Holly is a remarkably down-to-earth young woman who is committed to sharing her story to spread awareness of The Trust’s work. Always remaining humble and realistic without sacrificing her ambition and idealism, Holly shows incredible passion for The Trust and a host of other causes she believes in. Stronger as a person and hungrily chasing the most positive outcomes for people, Holly is in a much happier place and is excited about what the future holds.

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