20 July 2014

Earlsfield restaurant rumour roundup

The reinvention of Garratt Lane continues with another round of new establishments coming to Earlsfield.

There are rumours about potential new tenants for the former Olive Garden site. Will it be a Franco Manca or maybe a Bill's? Whoever moves in, I hope they will be able to turn the site around.

Two other new additions are on the cards:

Meat Rack is a(nother) burger, steak and chicken restaurant to be opening near Dominos - I wonder is this is the former Bathroom Experience**? They are hoping to start building work this week. Sorry vegetarians, Earlsfield must be seen to have a carnivorous demographic...

Desserts Caffe (I think but cannot confirm by the same people as Meat Rack, given timings and similarity of Twitter accounts) will be opening in the former Marius site, probably in August. According to their Twitter bio they will be "Offering real coffee, sandwiches, shakes & smoothies, Real Gelato & Sorbets, Waffles & Crepes."

Update: The shops will share the Marius site, one in each half.

They both seem keen to engage with the Earlsfield community and I look forward to seeing how work progresses. Is this the beginning of the end of hairdressers' dominance of the high street?

Any rumours you want to share? Get in touch at goearlsfield@gmail.com.

**Having just walked past the shop, I can see this is now The Radiator and Bathroom Gallery - so not this site!


  1. Exciting times for Earlsfield! Do you know what is happening on Garratt Lane on corner of Vanderbilt Rd? there was a piece of paper that sait "Buy, Cook, Eat" a few weeks ago but that has gone and nothing else happened yet!

  2. I spoke to these guys at their shop and it seems very interesting but more so exciting. We need to revive that part of earlsfield and i think these are the guys to do it.

  3. I don't know about the Vanderbilt Road shop but I will see what I can find out!

  4. I walked past this evening and there are definitely food chillers going in. Sadly no one around that I could ask and I can't see anything in the planning applications.