7 June 2014

TfL rules out Earlsfield link for Crossrail 2

Last summer TfL consulted on their plans for Crossrail 2, a new transport connection planned to run between southwest and northeast London. My blog post of the time asked what the impact might be on Earlsfield.

Tfl has now published a summary (PDF) of the consultation responses and their answers to the questions raised. Apparently others were also interested in Earlsfield, however TfL's response to suggestions that the scheme serve Earlsfield is fairly clear:

So it seems Tooting wins this round... Earlsfielders will just have to wait till South West Trains can run longer, 10-carriage trains into Waterloo.

1 comment:

  1. Shame. Would have been nice to get an additional line to support the overcrowded trains.