15 April 2014

Campaign for 10-carriage trains through Earlsfield

Local Conservative candidate Dan Watkins is campaigning for longer trains at Earlsfield station. While this blog tries to remain politically neutral, I imagine Earlsfield commuters will be interested in this campaign!

Dan writes:

Those of us who use Earlsfield station in the morning and evening rush-hours are all too aware of the extreme over-crowding on the platform and in the carriages at these times. [...] I am now working with your local Earlsfield Conservative action team, Sarbani Mazumdar, Charles Lescott and Cllr Adrian Knowles, to develop a plan to bring 10-carriage trains to Earlsfield.

Changes to the rail network provide us with an opportunity to bring longer trains to Southwest London, for example the relocation of Eurostar from Waterloo to St Pancras and the additional, longer platforms this has provided at the terminus. There is also plenty of new funding going into the railway network across London and the UK. Inevitably though, there is a lot of competition for this money so it’s absolutely vital that this campaign can get the large majority of Earlsfield residents behind it and in doing so ensure that we are considered a priority by the rail authorities.

While I don’t expect this to be a ‘quick win’, I do know that it is only with your support that we will bring 10-carriage trains here and ease the pain of the rush-hour commute. So please visit the survey we have set up and register your support for this campaign: www.surveymonkey.com/s/EarlsfieldStation

I would also be pleased to hear any other general feedback you have about the rail service at Earlsfield and so have provided an opportunity for you to do so in the survey.
You can read the rest of Dan's article on his website.

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