22 March 2014

World record BBQ attempt - are you in?

I've written before about the Old Sergeant charity river walk taking place in May. Now the crew are taking things a whole lot further: they're taking on a Guinness World Record.

They say:
On the 9th & 10th of May we are going to attempt to break a Guinness World record. And we need your help! We are attempting to break the record for the longest BBQ by a team – so our boys need to BBQ for 30 hours! We need timekeepers, stewards and witnesses to help keep us going for 30 hours. It will all be done for charity and we will invite all the local services-firemen, police and paramedics down during the event to help us consume the meat we will be barbequing.

The record attempt will take place at The Old Sergeant Pub in Wandsworth and will start at 4pm on Friday the 9th if you are willing to lend a hand and join our team please contact us on 0208 874 4099 or 0208 874 1061 and speak to Keris or Bronwyn.
Surely this is a challenge that Earlsfield can rise to? After all, we can't let ourselves be beaten by the Swiss! Call Keris or Bronwyn and sign up!

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