30 March 2014

Once upon a time there was a local radio station

New local radio station Wandsworth Radio is looking for stories and presenters for their new children's show. They write:
Children in Wandsworth are about to get their own dedicated story time to help settle down to sleep.

Mum and Dad will be able to catch up on local information, music and chat with Wandsworth Radio an online community radio station for the borough, but at 6.45pm Monday to Friday there will be a 15 minute programme dedicated to younger listeners.

They'll have the chance to listen to a daily story read by a local Wandsworth resident, it could be the local lollypop lady, newsagent, Police officer, teacher or YOU!

It won’t be your average story time as we are also looking for original stories to enjoy.

Are you a storyteller, an author, or perhaps a teacher in a local school who could help us to gather original material written by your pupils?

Volunteers, Rebecca Adebiyi and Camilla Byk are looking for local people to record reading the stories which will be played out on air when Wandsworth Radio launches later this year.

This is a great opportunity to be part of something creative for your community and have fun recording a story that anyone can listen to.

Good children’s radio is hard to find, so let’s lead the way in Wandsworth.

If you feel you can help with Storytime please email Storytime@WandsworthRadio.com

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