6 February 2014

South West Trains - they're not getting any better

The results of the twice-yearly national rail passenger survey have been released, and South West Trains doesn't come off well. Passenger Focus, which runs the survey, says:

"The National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) provides a network-wide picture of customers’ satisfaction with rail travel. Passenger opinions of train services are collected twice a year from a representative sample of passenger journeys. Passengers’ overall satisfaction, overall satisfaction with the station and train, and satisfaction with 32 specific aspects of service can therefore be compared over time."


"Comparing the percentage of passengers satisfied overall for individual train operating companies with Autumn 2012, none significantly improved and seven declined (First Hull Trains, Heathrow Connect, Southern, East Midlands Trains, London Overground, South West Trains and First Great Western)."

See the comparative results below (table from National Rail Passenger Survey report). Particular issues were space for people and luggage - something anyone who travels to and from Earlsfield will understand.

Download the full report from the Passenger Focus website.

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