20 January 2014

Local news round-up

Welcome back to the blog! After a brief sojourn on the other side of the globe Go Earlsfield is safely back in SW18. Let's look at what's been going on since the last post:

The Leather Bottle's ice rink made national news. Wandsworth Radio is set to start broadcasting this year. The Earlsfield Deli is now open till 6pm on Mondays. And Wandsworth Council is seeking views on the new primary school planned for the Atheldene Centre.

Another hairdressers, Headmasters, opened on Garratt Lane with a range of opening specials. The Sylvan Oak restaurant continues its preparations with an expected opening date of mid February. And a new Cattle Grid looks set to confirm their Earlsfield project soon. Switch Gym for women has opened near Burntwood Lane.

The Pig and Whistle launched T-Bone Tuesdays for January. The Jolly Gardeners have released their January menu. And By The Horns have Brewery Tap tickets on sale for the 6 Nations on the 1st of February.

After all that, if you're still on track for your New Year's resolutions - or want to make a start - check out the range of local sports and fitness options.

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