19 November 2013

So, where is Earlsfield exactly?

If, like me, you get asked this question a lot, you can now direct the questioner to a handy graphic.

The Map London blog highlighted a map developed by officers at the Greater London Authority which defines London localities by interpreting how Londoners see their neighbourhoods (read more about the background of the map at their blog post.)

Defining Earlsfield

To help readers understand the map, they explain:

"The map is mainly focused on London’s localities outside of the central “Zone 1″ area. High streets are shown as lines of blue dots. Places identified for potential significant development are shaded pink. Major shopping and leisure destinations (as distinct from the high streets) are shown in yellow and orange respectively. London’s patchwork of large green spaces stand out. Purple dots are centres of higher/further education and green dots show the locations of hospitals."

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