10 September 2013

New restaurant reviews: Amaranth Thai and Cah-Chi

Two more reviewers have been checking out local Earlsfield eateries - and they're happy with what they found.

On Zomato, Dan enjoyed the "really tasty food and friendly service" at our local Amaranth Thai Cafe and Noodle Bar. It's a long-time Earlsfield favourite so I'm glad Dan had a good meal.

A "lucky dip" dinner choice led Purple Ramblings to Cah-Chi. Their party sampled a wide range of dishes and if the review's anything to go by, enjoyed it all! PR noted "The staff were extremely accommodating to my mini-diners who loved it and have been wanting to go back ever since, which luckily for them won't be too long as I'm desperate to get adventurous and try some more new things." Check out the blog for details and photos of what they ate.

Amaranth Thai
346-348 Garratt Lane SW18 4ES
0208 874 9036

394 Garratt Lane SW18 4HP
0208 946 8811

1 comment:

  1. Had takeways from Amaranth many times, and generally been good. Last night though, wife had Pad Thai and was really quite ill all night. When she called to let them no today, they didn't care. Said can't be them as chicken for my Pad Krapow was same batch, and no one else had complained. That was only thing she'd eaten for 9 hours so almost certainly the caise of the poisoning, and there are more things in that than just chicken. Egg for a starter. Food poisoining ahppesn now and again. Can't always be helped, but you do expect restaurants to take these things seriosuly rather than just give you the brush off. Disgraceful attitude. So, food ok, and cheap, so ong as you're prepared to atke a gamble of being violently sick all night.