24 August 2013

Get in a spin with Tara Arts in a musical on the move

On Saturday 14 September, Tara Arts and Circulate invite you to a "musical on the move" called Spin Cycle.

They say:

"Spin Cycle is a new show by Emergency Exit Arts, a leading light in outdoor arts. The essence of competitive games shows is taken into a performance on the streets and in town centres. The story tracks a team of competitors on an extreme shopping spree that ends with a challenge to everyone to come together to make a change to the way we live.

The audience encounters the Spin Cycle experience at a preliminary roadshow where they will be enticed to join a queue of extreme fans of the Spin Cycle cult. Once they have been invited into the roadshow they will be engaged in a playful and immersive experience that will sift people into teams based on their lifestyle choices.

Throughout the show the audience is guided by the Spinners, forty young people trained by EEA’s Street Arts Academy practitioners. Through text messaging and audience interaction anyone can be invited to become a Spin Cycle contestant."

The performance is free; meet at Tara Theatre on Garratt Lane at 7pm.

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