4 June 2013

Next phase of work to begin at Earlsfield station

Wandsworth Council today released a press notice confirming the next phase of improvement works will begin later this week (week commencing 3 June 2013). They say:

Earlsfield Platform Sign At Night
Photo by Jon Curnow on Flickr 
"The council will be carrying out further works to upgrade pedestrian facilities by widening pavements outside the station entrance and removing unnecessary street furniture. Additional bicycle parking facilities will also be provided.

Some environmental improvements were carried out last summer but were then put on hold and could not be completed until Network Rail had finished its latest phase of works at the station.

As well as better pedestrian facilities, the station now has an attractive new entrance, new ticket office, a passenger toilet and two new lifts to the platforms as part of a £5.5m revamp funded by the government's Access for All scheme, Network Rail, South West Trains and Wandsworth Council."

Read the full news item.

I have to confess I've not noticed the new toilet - have I missed something or is the council mistaken? A check on the National Rail station guide suggests it might be the council's error...

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