20 June 2013

New food reviews: Mel's Cafe and The Wandle

Two food bloggers have been eating out in Earlsfield recently. Click the links below for the full story of their meals.

The Occasional Adventurist had brunch at Mel's Cafe. She was inspired by the menu but disappointed by the size of the teapots.

Meanwhile, Lisa of Where's Lisa was blown away by The Wandle's veggie burger.

A good reminder to check out the dining options on our doorstep!

Mel's Cafe
The Wandle


  1. What's the point in having good food when you are treated like absolute shit by a kid that works there as a bartender but not mature enough to do his job and a manager that can't be impartial when dealing with a situation.very well treated if you are south African and the staff fancies you otherwise is the most racist place on earth.I am absolutely disgusted that people like this deal with customers in 21century.

  2. The comment was for The Wandle