1 May 2013

Step Beyond - children's words come to Earlsfield

You might have seen something different on exiting the station this evening: the message "welcome to my world of fresh air and laughter."

With apologies for the blurry photo

By the flower stall on Magdalen Road you might also have been intrigued by the statement "I want to build a time machine and find out how life started."

Both of these installations are part of "Step Beyond", an event in the Wandsworth Arts Festival. The programme promises that Step Beyond will allow people to "Discover an unexpected trail of visionary words as the children of Earlsfield Step Beyond day to day life. Certain to get us all talking, this surprising series of temporary public artworks is sure to delight all who pass by."

The artworks will remain in place until the 19th of May. 


  1. Seeing this at the station one morning, I momentarily thought I was loosing the plot. Thanks for the explanation.

  2. Thanks Leslie - glad it was helpful. I did a double-take when I first saw it, too!

  3. returning from the countryside late on a sunday evening this sign made me want to kill myself. is it a sick joke? to pass beneath that banner onto garratt lane is like walking on a tightrope of horror above a cold black pit of despair.

  4. Thanks for the explanation on the Earlsfield Station Slogan!