5 January 2013

Introducing the Go Earlsfield blog

Hi! My name's Rebecca. I'm an Earlsfield resident, hyperlocal fan and ex-pat New Zealander. I've lived in Earlsfield for the past five years and I love it here. Sometimes, though, I wish there was one central place to go for all the news and information about this great area. There are some excellent local Twitter accounts (particularly @TheEarlsfield), but not so much on the web page front.

I was introduced recently to Brockley Central. It's a fantastic resource and it seems to have helped build a greater sense of community for Brockley residents. So I'm shamelessly stealing their idea (albeit on a much smaller scale) to see if anyone would be interested in contributing to something similar for Earlsfield.

This is very much an experiment - comments and feedback are very welcome, though I can't promise I'll always have the appropriate technical know-how. As with any experiment, some things will work, some things won't, and some might very well blow up in my face. I'll keep my fingers firmly crossed, my seatbelt on, and both eyes facing front. Let's see what happens!

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